Create A Realtor® LinkedIn Profile Like a PRO

LinkedIn For Realtors

When you think about your name coming up in search, you probably didn’t think about LinkedIn…but you should!


Infographic source: Wearesocialmedia

LinkedIn is the biggest collection of professionals period.

With millions of high earning, influential, and connected individuals and they all need a place to live.

You have an amazing opportunity to create a professional LinkedIn profile and to help you network with clients, find new prospects, and extend your reach on social media.

Setting up Your Profile

Here is a great video that goes into detail on how to set up your profile with Carlos Gil…a social media expert. It isn’t real estate, but it sure is a great video on what really makes you stand out from others on LinkedIn!


How to Grow Your Business on LinkedIn

Here is another quick video from Lewis Howes…it’s pretty awesome!


Creating an Awesome LinkedIn Profile Image

Here’s one more on how to take an awesome LinkedIn profile image…


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