How Realtors® Can Win at Online Lead Generation

Gone are the days of sitting in the office cold calling people. Please STOP this non-sense! Save your self worth now! Let’s be honest, who actually likes cold calling people? What is it doing for your reputation?

Here at Agent Marketing University we strongly believe that cold calling and door knocking will put you in a position of being the beggar, desperate, and willing to do anything for a lead

Is this what you want people to think? Is this the impression you want to make? Or would you rather build a source of lead generation that establishes you as the authority in your market…the first person people in your area think of when it comes to buying or selling their home?

Ok, maybe you like to annoy people at dinner…or maybe you’ve been taught that this is the only way to get leads (it’s ok…it’s not your fault). Here at AMU we want you to learn about the power of permission marketing and methods of lead generation that position you as the go to source for real estate in your marketplace.

Opportunity lies within your grasp…with the changes in technology in combination with the vast majority of your potential clients on a mobile device, social media, and a computers you now have a very effective and inexpensive way to generate leads through the use of the social media platforms and online marketing.


Online marketing may seem a lot more difficult than dialing a number, but in reality it’s just as easy, you just need to put the time, effort and money into creating online advertising that speaks to your ideal client. This is key to online lead generation that can fuel your real estate business for years to come….

There are two methods to online marketing, the first being the creation of search-optimized content for your website to grow your online presence. The second method is a lot more action packed as you will consistently create pay per click ads to for your social media and search engines to generate traffic back to your website. The most popular and most effective way is to use both of these methods together to generate a consistent source of leads to fuel your real estate business.
Online marketing is now the ultimate real estate lead generation source thanks to the amount of daily traffic that your ads will receive and the percentage of that traffic that turn into leads. The infographic below will show you the importance of being online and what you’re missing out on if you’re not. (All information gathered is from the National Association of Realtors, Inman News, the Content Marketing Institute and other credible sources.)


Mastering and optimizing lead generation sources is crucial to your success as a realtor and you need to learn to use those sources as effectively as possible. For more information about the types of online marketing sources see…

Real Estate Lead Generation Inforgraphic